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Utilizing the latest in web technologies, I can create for you a stunning website for everything from a blog to a full blown e-commerce site to sell your products.

Every website I build includes custom colors, graphics, and free SEO to help make your site rise in the ranks.  Analytics will also be installed so you can see who is visiting your site, from where they are visiting, and what they are most interested in.



MySQL Database

Unlimited Email Accounts

Content Management System


Doman Transfer or Registry







I can host your site on my server for as little as $10/month.  Hosting includes CPANEL, which is a server side application that allows full control over every aspect of a site, ensuring proper maintenace and security.

Pair your new website with my optional logo and branding option for a fresh, great look to help propel your site and business in to the future.



Lustre Products Ltd.

lustre website

Lustre Products website was very dated, having not been updated since the early 2000's.  The traffic they recieved was barely 100 visitors a month, if that.  I came in and completely overhauled their site, by providing new logos, graphics, photography and the latest in web technologies.  Within the FIRST MONTH of launching, the new site increased traffic by well over 1000%!!  this was done with careful content management, company rebranding, and most of all SEO.  Their business increased expontentially.  One product went from selling maybe a dozen a week, to several hundred a week and they needed to expand greatly to keep up with the demand.  How would you like to have that problem?


WPS Disaster Management Solutions

wps site

WPS had the problem of not showing off their products effectively.  They also had new software products debuting and needed to spread the word much more effectively.  I overhauled their site from a single blog type setup and gave them a state of the art, database driven website using the latest in web technologies, photography, and video and motion graphics, as well as additional e-commerce functionality.  I rebranded their company, and with SEO and better content, their page rankings soared, and within the first year, sales records were broken.


Design Samples:

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